Credit Union Management Confident in FP&A in Just 10-Weeks After Oracle Cloud EPM Implementation

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Customer Overview

Leading member-owned financial cooperative Credit Union in the Northwest provides banking services, including savings, loans, and other financial services to members.

Challenges and Objectives:

The customer required a single integrated platform to automate data collection, provide consistent financial reporting, and increase visibility and analysis of Financial Management Reporting. The project goals included the ability to build and navigate ad-hoc reports in Oracle SmartView for Office, in addition to producing financial statements and reports in Reporting Web Studio. Like most Credit Unions, FP&A out of Jack Henry Episys and GL platform was a tedious manual process. They needed an automated integration between Oracle Cloud EPM and Episys to streamline all reports.


Oracle Cloud EPM:

Planning & Budgeting
Financial Reporting

Integrations with financial reporting included Income, Balance Sheet, and Key Ratios, plus Infovity’s pre-built integration to Jack Henry Financials for actuals daily.

The Infovity Advantage:

  • Improved Financial Reporting with consistent data across the organization in just 10-weeks
  • Reduced manual errors and increased management’s confidence in reports and analysis
  • Robust and user-friendly actual vs. budget analysis platform through Oracle SmartView for Office
  • Report distribution to management fast-tracked and real-time analytic capability improves decision making

Access a variety of ready-to-go Banking and Credit Union models built on Oracle Cloud applications and accelerate your implementation with pre-built integrations with industry solutions like Jack Henry and Fiserv.

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