Oracle Cloud HCM enhances organizational efficiency with a comprehensive, end-to-end HR application that manages people and enables productivity. Infovity’s HCM Cloud implementation approach focuses on iterative releases and repeatable well-documented processes created from over 250 successful Cloud projects. We guide you through the process and provide critical insights into best practices to realize the maximum benefit and accelerate user adoption.

Instead of just asking what you need and wasting time precious time, Infovity provides actionable insights, frameworks, and a suitcase full of IP upfront. Our proposals include everything you need so we can start by reviewing exceptions first. Project launches are expedited and the result is happier customers that continue to work with Infovity long-term.

There have never been more reasons to automate workforce management with a single global system, including contingent workers, so that you can focus on urgent issues. Some of the benefits include:

Core HCM

Oracle Cloud HCM creates a single source of truth to effectively manage the workforce, enhance collaboration, streamline audits, and stay compliant. Infovity’s best practices, upgrade processes, and pre-built tools increase your companies investment.

Recruiting, Onboarding & Training

When you implement HCM Cloud, or transition from Taleo to ORC, benefits, include streamlining and optimization of all associated tasks and processes. Managing employees, job postings, and the hiring process are simplified to improve employee satisfaction.

Compliance and Audits

Save time and money with built-in features and processes that prepare the business for audits and prioritize compliance, including SOX, Segregation of Duties analysis (SOD), GDPR, CCAP, industry-specific requirements, and more.

Employee Engagement

Enable self-service for employees, plus manager empowerment increases overall satisfaction with an innovative user-experience that includes step-by-step prompts, full support via HR Help Desk, ad digital assistants.

Health and Safety

Report, manage, and resolve workplace incidents quickly. Additionally, maintain overall workforce safety with an unhindered process that keeps employee’s data secure with role-based access using Oracle and Infovity’s EHS implementation offer. Maintain workforce and employee safety with unhindered workflows and secure reporting using role-based. Continue to meet new health and safety challenges with Infovity’s pre-built solutions, including the “Oracle Workforce Health and Safety” implementation offer and the Immunization Record Reporting Framework.

Time and Labor

With an improved UX and integration with payroll, accounting, web clock, employees can log time against projects and request time off from anywhere. Manage time by exception decreases your auditing overhead. Also, handle infractions and follow union eligibility compliance.

Goals and Performance

Set and manage individual and organizational goals, while keeping your top performers incentivized. Take advantage of Infovity offerings like the “Goals and Progress Dashboard” enhancement and more.

Payroll and Compensation

Process payroll quickly while adhering to all regulatory requirements. Analyze, model, budget, and administer compensation plans, plus pay performance by tailoring reward and bonus structures.

Benefits & Absence Management

Flexible benefit programs that meet your specific requirements, integrate with your provider, plus an intuitive, self-service enrollment process. Integration with payroll provides analytics for both accrual balances and absence trends, which help find ways to reduce costs.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reports and dashboards that provide vital insights, predictive analytics to manage risk, improve workforce modeling, and help you take immediate action when needed to reduce risk.

Data Security and Access

Flexible security model designs and implementation strategies for even the most sophisticated security model requirements. Secure employee data without hindering processes with our role-based packages.


Seamless integration with business applications to align HR with business goals, improve operations, and ensures data security. Integrations include, but aren’t limited to, ADP, JDE, Banking, Payroll, EBS, ERP, and 3rd party industry-specific apps.

Taleo to Cloud

Have you been delaying your transition from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting Cloud due to a lack of time, budget, or resources? Learn how your business can benefit from Infovity’s 4-part transition methodology on this Infovity Webcast. This proven methodology ensures a smooth, stress-free move that unifies your cloud solution landscape.

“The devil is in the details. That’s why every project, large or small, gets the same attention at Infovity. We dot every “i” and cross every “t”. I think that’s one of the reasons why nearly 90% of customers come back. Who else can say that?”

Sujana Benjamin, HCM Practice Director, 14 years at Oracle, Infovity team member since 2013

“Infovity created a clear roadmap for our Oracle Cloud HCM implementation, then executed flawlessly. By integrating HCM Cloud with EBS, ERP, and ADP Payroll we now have a unified system that’s easy to use and accurate reports so we can make operational decisions based on facts. Infovity’s expertise helped us streamline annual performance and compensation cycles reducing compensation planning and award cycles by 30%.”

VP, Human Resources Americas, Manufacturing and High Tech Industry, Oracle HCM and ERP Customer

Infovity promised they would improve collaboration and compliance by bringing 6 divisions together on one solution. By streamlining multiple pay types and executing their integration strategy for 13+ apps, employee self-service has increased both employee and management satisfaction. The roadmap and enhancements, like the pre-built security configuration, JDE customization, and Taleo to ORC experience, solved our complex issues and improved reporting. We’re now One Team that’s more productive than ever!”

CFO, Construction Industry, Oracle Core HCM, Absence, Time & Labor, Self-Service, Recruiting and Taleo Onboarding, Goals & Performance Customer

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