Business Process Outsourcing

Top-Notch Support for Your Back-Office

Need to free up key financial talent to focus on value-add business functions? Infovity’s Business Process Outsourcing Team provides your business the opportunity to access a variety of experts so you can focus on growing your business. From Finance and HR, to Supply Chain, our team goes above and beyond to help you reach your key milestones. We are a full-service extension of your team and provide immediate ROI by optimizing your current capabilities and business processes.

Benefits of BPO:

  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Higher Productivity
  • Better Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Focus is Placed on Core Business Function
Accounts Payable Invoice Processing
End-to-End AP Processes
Invoice Processing
Month-end and Internal / External Reporting
Invoice Data Processing
Accounts Receivable
Custom Offerings

Our Process:

Infovity Business Process Outsourcing Offerings

Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

Hands-on experience in accounts payable outsourcing and Oracle Cloud ERP.

  • Prevent paying fraudulent invoices
  • Prevent paying inaccurate invoices
  • Prevent paying invoices twice
  • 100% certainty vendor invoices are accounted for and accurate

End-to-End AP Processes

  • Document Management
    • W-9 form, sub-contract agreement, POs, vendor set-up form, SOP and cheat sheets
  • Scanning
    • OCR process for invoice processing
  • Invoice Processing, More than 45K Invoices Processed to Date
    • Receipt of vendor invoice
    • Validation of vendor details against master vendor list
    • Three-way matching process
    • Accounting with proper distribution combination along with the requester details for approval
  • Disbursement
    • Running the payment cycle as per customer requirement
  • Approval and Resolution Management
    • Invoice from new vendor
    • Invoice without supporting
    • Mis-match with PO details
    • Invoice from new email distribution of existing vendor
    • Change in remit to address and bank
  • Month-end and Internal / External Reporting
    • Preparing and sending processed invoice detail report to the client on a daily basis
    • Preparing payment draft sheet on nightly basis, at least 3 days before scheduling the payment
    • AP reconciliation month-end report

Accounts Receivable Processing

  • Manage Customer Payment
    • Create and process transactions
    • Manage recurring billing
    • Manage auto invoice
    • Present bill
    • Process billing adjustments
    • Manage transaction information
  • Process Customer Payment
    • Apply customer payments
    • Manage automatic receivables
    • Reverse receivables
    • Manage lockbox
    • Process refunds
    • Process bank deposits


  • Open Enrollment Pre-Planning
    • Verify plan setups
    • Verify and correct unresolved life events
    • Disable or freeze HR transactions
    • Process trial open enrollment
    • Tune Performance
  •  During Open Enrollment
    • Pre-election results
    • Manage the open enrollment period
    • Close the window
    • Post election results
  •  After Open Enrollment
    • Final audits
    • Benefit statements
    • Enable and allow HR transactions
    • Close enrollment

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