Become a Modern and Masterful Manufacturer for the Digital Ages

Globalization and digital disruption are changing the course of industrial manufacturing. Disruption and volatility in the supply chain are the “new normal” and necessitate navigation in this time of uncertainty. Companies require quick adaptation and demand innovation to address evolving risks and keep a step ahead of the competition from planning and sourcing to production and distribution. And as the pace of innovation accelerates, constant reinvention is the new normal. To better serve more demanding customers while optimizing an increasingly complex value chain, you need to embrace new business models such as product-as-a-service and leverage game-changing technologies such as IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Infovity roadmaps and pre-built frameworks benefit:

  • High Tech and Semiconductors
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Durable Goods
  • Energy, Utilities, & Clean Energy
  • Medical Device
  • Life Science and Bio Tech
  • Food and Beverage
  • Furniture Manufacturing

Traditionally, the supply chain was a linear string of processes: design, plan, source, build, deliver, et cetera. But in our new digital world, such an approach is no longer practical—or necessary. The supply chain is becoming increasingly interconnected—more fluid, more organic, and much less rigid.

The benefits of optimized digital supply networks:

  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Real-time insights
  • Enhanced partner collaboration
  • Product innovation
  • Greater freedom for agile newcomers

The benefits of using Infovity as your Oracle Cloud partner include:

Digital transformation is facilitated with advanced technologies build on cloud applications. They include:

  • Best Practices
  • Sophisticated Data Analytics
  • Platform for Business Innovation
  • Customer orders and returns are built with the customer at the center of the process
  • Configure, Price, Quote enhances the experience of the user and minimizes errors in downstream processes
  • Supports products-as-a-service models to drive alternate forms of revenue
  • Bundle product and service offerings
  • Simplified and centralized purchasing
  • B2B integrations for PO communication and invoicing
  • Improve business processes between departments
  • Vendor Punchouts to simplify and centralize purchasing
  • Predict and resolve maintenance requirements
  • Resolve quality issues
  • Extend your supply chain with IoT

How Can Infovity Help

How do you keep pace with these innovations and test out new approaches and processes? The ability to continually shape and turn ideas into action requires a strong technology partner like Infovity. Infovity collaborates with its customers to help tackle today’s challenges and find new ways to create benefit and realize solutions for tomorrow.

Download this use case to envision how your business can benefit from Infovity’s pre-built framework models. These models allow organizations to streamline the implementation process and gain quick value realization.

The journey to an integrated supply chain starts with a solid planning and budgeting foundation.

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