On-Demand Webinar

Integrating Business Planning and Execution:
Planning and Budgeting for Supply Chain Disruption

Recent events are a harsh reminder that organizations must be able to respond quickly and profitably to changing market conditions. Agility is key. To stay agile, companies need to plan and execute in harmony across all lines of business.Integrated business planning and execution bridges the gap between all lines of business, allowing companies to not just respond to market disruptions, but make informed decisions needed to capitalize on them. Access to real-time scenario planning, what-if analysis, rolling forecasts, and driver-based planning are just some of the tools successful companies utilize to be market leaders.

Infovity is uniquely positioned to help you with Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX). We are experts across Finance, Supply Chain Management, EPM, HCM, and CX. When you combine our multi-pillar capabilities and industry expertise with a team of certified Cloud Excellence Implementer consultants, your ensured success, and increased productivity. Essentially, we do it faster, better, cheaper.

With over 250 Oracle Cloud implementations and business transformations under our belt, we have identified industry-specific best practices and developed Infovity IP that can enable IBPX in just weeks.

Watch this 30-minute live webinar to learn how to:

  • Increase collaboration between the Finance, Operations, Sales and HR
  • Improve business modeling, forecasting, and simulation
  • Be better prepared for current and future disruption