Maximize ROI and Minimize Risk by Planning each Step In the Clinical Trial Process

Date: Monday, December 5th, 2022

Time: 1.00 PM CT (US & Canada)

Speaker: Kannappan Singaram, VP of EPM Practice

EPM for Clinical Trial Modeling in Life Sciences

Legacy FP&A solutions negatively impact life-saving clinical trials, impede innovation, and slow patient care delivery. These outdated systems also wreak havoc on teams reconciling the cost of clinical trials, marketing, commercialization, research, development, and general administration expenses with revenue projections. That’s why BioTech CFOs are increasingly modernizing infrastructure with Oracle Cloud EPM and partnering with Infovity. Infovity has developed a solution for clinical trials that assists organizations plan and budget for clinical trials appropriately. Learn how Infovity can provide confidence by planning and time each step in the process, maximizing ROI and minimizing risk.

About Speaker

Kannappan joined Infovity as a business enabler with more than 15 years of IT experience in Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and ERP Financials. He was also a consultant at Oracle in the mid-market, and his success is attributed to his passion for thinking strategically in every engagement, adapting to the situation with integrity and executing with enthusiasm.

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