Managed Services: A Helping Hand May Be All You Need

Date:Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2023

Speaker: Lal Bhandaru, Head of Operations

Managed Services

As organizations work toward a well-managed applications infrastructure, they need to consider the level of expertise their staff brings to specialized areas in their respective fields.  IT personnel are in high demand, and sometimes companies don’t always have the capital to invest in onboarding dedicated IT staff that possess highly specialized skills. Learn how Infovity’s Managed Services Department can work with you to provide the assistance you may need when you require it.

About Speaker

Lal has wide-ranging, comprehensive experience in managing IT divisions, project delivery, design, development, and QA. He spent more than a decade working at Silicon Valley icons such as Oracle, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems and IBM. Currently based in India, Lal leads and manages geographically dispersed teams and oversees onshore-offshore co-ordination.

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