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Oracle Cloud HCM and Infovity: Modernizing Life Sciences HR Systems to Create Synergy Across the Business

Life Sciences HR Leaders trust Infovity to implement and optimize Oracle Cloud HCM based on a successful track record and repeatable well-documented processes. In a post-pandemic world, HR’s role has expanded to maintaining workforce health and safety, supporting remote employees, and recruiting virtually. You need a partner that understands end-to-end business processes to deliver a holistic solution.

Benefits of Using Oracle HCM Cloud + Infovity

Streamline HR payroll and workforce management

Leverage Infovity’s PIA (Person, Information, Activity) toolkit.

Achieve process improvements and foster adoption of new functionality

Meet Life Science compliance mandates

Optimize roles to support change control

Creating a Single Global HR System

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Learn How Infovity Brings Life Sciences Together

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