What a “return to office” may entail?

As vaccines are rolling out throughout our country, we are reaching a new pandemic phase. Organizations are currently evaluating the necessity and need to return to work in the office, lab, or other settings.

Guidelines from the EEOC have given the green light to employers that require their employees receive a COVID vaccine. If you can show that Covid-19 is a direct threat to your business, you can make a mandatory vaccine policy.

Specific industries have deemed it necessary that employees return to work and be ready to set up a framework to return to work safely. Suppose a non-vaccinated employee puts a customer, the general public, or another employee at risk (direct threat definition). In that case, it makes a case for an organization to require employees to be vaccinated. Some employee exceptions need consideration, those who cannot be vaccinated because of medical conditions, disabilities, or religious beliefs.

To support these unique business requirements, Infovity has developed an HCM Immunization Records solution. This is a self-service or administrative deployment solution that allows tracking the employee’s vaccine and details about the vaccine. It includes workflow tracking and dynamic reports that enable the employee to return to the office, lab, plant, etc., or approve business travel. As the debate continues over mandatory vaccines or highly suggesting vaccines for a return-to-work situation, Infovity has you covered.

As we embrace this new phase of the pandemic by returning to work, look to Infovity to ease your organization through the transition.