What is VB Studio? Oracle Visual Builder Studio (VB Studio) brings you all the functionality previously available with Oracle Developer Cloud Service and Oracle Visual Builder, along with the ability to extend certain Oracle Cloud Applications to customize the UI for your business needs.

Oracle’s VB Studio is a full Application Development and Dev Ops solution that allows your organization to create web and mobile applications or extend your current Oracle Cloud Applications quickly and efficiently.

Development solutions typically include individual components that provide version control, agile planning, artifact management, and integration and delivery. VB Studio harnesses the entire Dev Ops solution shortening your delivery timeframes and more frequent releases.

Let’s look at an example of how VB Studio can extend the value of your current investment in Oracle Cloud Applications.

You may need to tailor a screen to allow certain individuals in different positions to see special fields in a unique layout. These types of changes can be done very quickly using VB Studio. In VB Studio, you can easily perform simple customization tasks like hiding fields, renaming labels, dynamically changing labels, add/delete columns from a data table, etc. You could either build a web or mobile application or extend your current Oracle application. In any case, having the full DevOps solution included with the Oracle Cloud environment shortens the cycle time to develop the application.

Different types of development users can utilize the tool. Some low-code developers may develop apps visually, and others may be traditional developers that use HTML, JavaScript or CSS. VB Studio is a flexible environment allowing developers to collaborate on large projects.

In summary, VB studio is the next-generation technology from Oracle for all your application development needs. It utilizes low code to no code philosophies for basic steps that were impossible in the earlier Oracle cloud application development lifecycle. Now that all these exciting and wonderful features are available, customers should fully enhance their experience with Oracle’s cloud offerings.

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