Infovity, an application and technology consulting company that helps forward-thinking companies deploy Oracle Cloud applications, announced today their successful completion of SOC 2 Compliance.

Why is this important to our customers or prospects?

It is all too common that mainstream news reports on organizations that suffer data breaches. SOC 2 Compliance outlines what measures need to be in place to prevent a data security breach. SOC 2 compliance is a component of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Service Organization Control reporting platform. It is intended to ensure the protection of customer information and restrict any unauthorized access to Infovity’s systems. Customers need assurance about the effectiveness of controls used by the service organization to process customers’ data. SOC 2 Compliance is designed to meet the needs of existing or potential customers who value that assurance. A SOC 2 certification shows that the organization has all the necessary security measures to prevent a data security breach.

SOC 2 includes the following, which Infovity accomplished in the past six months:

  1. Implemented appropriate measures that aligned with SOC 2 standards and controls
  2. Rolled out IT security policies and procedures in compliance with SOC 2 norms
  3. Setup new processes for monitoring unusual system activity, detecting potential threats, unauthorized configuration changes, and user access levels
  4. Implemented frameworks for managing users’ security
  5. Introduced incident management, alerting, and corrective action procedures
  6. Setup a system for recording audit trails in case of a security breach

As an Oracle partner, it is utmost critical for us to handle immense amounts of data safely and securely by maintaining highest level of security practices. To fortify our information security program, we underwent the rigors of SOC 2 compliance by building secure internal processes that are not only properly designed, but operate effectively over time to meet the SOC 2 best practices recognized world-wide. Now, we are thrilled that we are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

Lal Bhandaru, Managing Director

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