We have all been there…the buzz words of the past. I will date myself a bit when I use some of them; low-hanging fruit, digital transformation, big picture, out-of-the-box, holistic approach, paradigm shift, globalization. The list goes on and on. And yet, here we are in 2022 with the world at yet another precipice. Headlines hit us every day. We have been through two years of unprecedented times. I want to say we are witnessing the past in the rear-view mirror, but, like many business leaders, I see more turbulence in our future. We have all been hearing the phrase, “Welcome to the new normal. “Let’s now venture to say, “Welcome to the Never Normal.” With that philosophy, the buzzword we will see being instrumental in 2022 and beyond is flexibility and visibility.

Wow, flexibility and visibility are not what I would call enthralling or riveting words. But when has it been more important to be able to turn on a dime? When has it been more critical for your enterprise to change faster and cheaper than your competitors? More significantly, we must have the information ahead of time to ensure that we are proactive rather than reactive.

How can your organization be the “best” in the business and ready for whatever comes next?

Companies have taken advantage of these turbulent times to turn the disruption into opportunity. They are implementing software with the flexibility and visibility to weather difficult conditions and establish a future foundation that allows your organization to prosper under the most trying of circumstances.

Cloud Applications Can Shape Your Future

As the business environment keeps changing, businesses are using software to be more resilient. Over the years, companies may have invested years of effort into implementing enterprise software applications that run their business. This is not the case with Cloud-based applications. Cloud application software provides built-in innovation and gives you the ability to respond faster to a dynamic marketplace. Oracle Cloud Applications provide an end-to-end suite of applications that can be implemented in phases and provides a means of moving your business forward. Your solution must make it easy to modernize key business processes and activate application capabilities as you need them.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications have a consistent, modern user experience, making it easier for people to complete their tasks, whether they’re at their desks or on the go. They also do tasks for your people: using powerful AI and machine learning already embedded in the applications to automate manual work and enable new business capabilities that weren’t possible before.

Companies that use embedded reporting within Oracle’s Cloud ERP, HCM, CX, and SCM applications can kickstart these analytics endeavors with Oracle Fusion Analytics adding further value.

How Can Infovity Help? Infovity Can:

  • Create a roadmap for your business that puts visibility and flexibility in the driver’s seat
  • Can jump-start your implementation endeavors by providing industry-specific blueprints. These blueprints enable customers to take advantage of functionality sooner rather than later
  • Can evaluate your reporting needs and create reports that you may require
  • Can extend your applications with Industry-specific functionality
  • Provided services to increase the value you receive from your application deployment

A Roadmap For Your Business

A complete SaaS suite built on advanced cloud infrastructure is an excellent choice to gain business agility and be ready for growth by providing flexibility, visibility, and so much more.

An end-to-end suite of applications gives a way to move your business forward. With modern, fully connected business processes continuously updated in your applications software, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Yet, if you want to realize the total value of your investment, extend or create new applications, you have Infovity here to assist you in your journey.

Modern Applications are Necessary When There is No Crystal Ball